January 29th, 2014

From the fusion between nature and technology comes an up-to-date elegance whose charm lies in a precious distillation of the most sought-after stones and marbles that exist in the natural world. With its strong material and graphic impact, FUSION displays an absolutely amazing attention to detail.

The cutting-edge technology used to create FUSION reproduces the stones in question with great realism and gives a great variety of the colors in which it is produced. The completeness of the range makes FUSION ideal for laying in interior residential surroundings and the mixture of patterns that can be achieved enables the designer to offer new perspectives for contemporary living.

FUSION is offered in Bone, Cream, Grey & Tobacco in 10×24 gloss, 12×24 matte, 17×17 matte, 1×1 matte mosaic and coordinating 3×17 matte battiscopa. FUSION will be in stock in April 2014.