February 15th, 2012

My love affair with orange began many years ago. Being an Aries, I gravitate towards warm colors – red being, hands down, my favorite. But, orange spoke to me in a way that red did not. Evoking the same intensity as red, but infusing it with a jolt of energy, orange has become an old friend and standby for me – in a way, comforting.

When Pantone announced its color of the year for 2012, this designer rejoiced! So long Honeysuckle, hello Tangerine Tango! Vibrant and warm, while orange can be a daunting color in interiors, used judiciously; it can bring a depth and energy to an otherwise lifeless room.

Unless you are very brave (or love orange, like I do) tile is unlikely to be your first choice to incorporate orange. However, an orange accent paired with other neutrals is quite stunning and can give you some fantastic eye appeal. Why not paint a feature wall (or a room!) in orange? How about some tangerine pillows on the couch? What about a succulent persimmon for window treatments? If tangerine is still too much for your faint heart, why not look towards shades of amber or subdued bronze, burnt orange or pumpkin to help incorporate the energy of orange, without all the glare. You have a rainbow of options to choose from to incorporate this fantastic color into your designs.

There are many great choices of tile to choose from to coordinate with your splashy accents. From the contemporary washed concrete look of the Clay series to the classic limestone look of Marmoris, the cool sophistication of Reflection or the rustic tones of Serengeti, Tangerine Tango is certain to spice up your living space.