March 29th, 2017

Nuheat Membrane is a tile underlayment and uncoupling system that is specifically designed to embed and hold the industry-leading Nuheat Cable floor heating system. The low profile Nuheat Membrane reduces the stress caused by differential movement between the tile layer and the substrate which can lead to tile cracking. When integrated with Nuheat Cable, the system provides soothing heat to tile and stone floors that is energy efficient and easy to install.



  • Nuheat Membrane compensates for the longitudinal movement between the subfloor and the tile preventing breakage and making it possible to install underfloor electric heating even on problematic substrates such as wood and cracked substrates.


  • Nuheat Membrane unique and patented design allows for air pockets to form between the subfloor and the membrane itself. Excess moisture from the substrate will find its way to these air pockets and create a vapor cycle. This vapor cycle will balance the vapor content of the substrate, protecting the tile from potential damage and making it possible to install underfloor electric heating even on substrates that are not perfectly cured or are moisture sensitive such as wood, concrete, and gypsum based subfloors.


  • Nuheat Membrane is a Polypropylene membrane and as such is naturally waterproof.
    For indoor installations in areas that are prone to water damage such as bathrooms and kitchens, the perimeter, corners, and seams of the Nuheat membrane need to be waterproofed utilizing PROBAND 150 waterproofing foil tape (double-sided polypropylene foil tape) and unmodified thinset ANSI A118.1


  • Nuheat Membrane unique and patented designs allow loads to be evenly distributed from the tile covering to the subfloor. Each rounded square relief has a central cavity shaped like an inverted pyramid. When filled with thin-set this inverted pyramid becomes an incompressible structure. These cavities act like pillars in a building support structure, evenly distributing and transferring the load from the tile floor to the subfloor below.

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