Pietra Romana by Florim USA

Pietra Romana is a travertine-style developed to be an appealing combination of softness and refined shapes. This collection was born to give every space the look of classic Roman stone. Its bright surface and its incredible size allow you to design every application with timeless elegance.

Lexco Tile & Stone is pleased to announce the addition of this wonderful Florim USA series to our stock program. We are stocking four colors; Avorio, Dark Grey, Noce and Silver in 18×18, 12×24, 2×2 mosaics and coordinating bullnose. Other sizes available special order, 1 – 2 weeks.


Basaltine by Florim USA

Inspired by basalt, the flowing molten rock expelled during volcanic eruptions, Basaltine is a new series from Florim USA that captures nature’s unpredictable beauty. With a delicate fine grain and gentle flowing movement, Basaltine is a rock solid choice for both commercial and residential floors.

Basaltine is stocked in five colors including; Dark Grey, Light Grey, Nut, Sand and White in 12″ x 24″ format. Other sizes available special order include; 12″ x 12″, 6″x24″, 12″x24″, 24″x24″, 24″x48″ from Florim USA, 1 – 2 weeks.

Galaxy offers porcelain durability paired with the beauty of Sandstone

Galaxy, from Florim USA, offers the best of both worlds by fusing the essence of sandstone and the superb durability that only a porcelain tile can offer. This unique tile collection has the appearance and grace of natural stone, but the durability of porcelain tile. With a beautiful and a neutral color palette, this stone-inspired collection provides the elegance and style that your space desires.

We are stocking Silver, Nero, Beige, Grigio and Hazelnut in 12×12 and 12×24 field, 2×2 mosaic and 3×12 bullnose. This series also has another color called Nutmeg, coordinating cove base, 18×18 & 18×36 formats that are available special order, 1 -2 weeks.

Petrified wood is replicated with Kauri

Kauri is a stunning line of porcelain tile that perfectly replicates the look of petrified wood. The warm tones and colors of exotic minerals enrich the surfaces of this unique series. two finishes are available; honed and natural/bark in 12×24 format. Three beautiful and natural colors available; white, beige and grey to complement any contemporary space.

Loire from Co.Em

Loire resembles the aged stone floors from centuries-old European structures. Available exclusively in a timeless Versailles pattern, this rustic porcelain tile has a chiseled edge mimicking the appearance of ancient stone floors.

This line will be stocked in three colors; Avorio, Grigio and Moka and sold by the full carton only. Each pattern is 8.07/SF, the module pictured above requires two cartons.

Concrete from Negev

Concrete is a stunning replica of a minimalistic and stained concrete look. Both durable and simplistic, this colored base porcelain is perfect for residential and most commercial applications.Available in seven colors: Black, Brown, Grey, Ash Grey, Light Taupe, Silver & White in 12″x24″ and 24″x24″ and coordinating trim.

Style from Edimax

Style replicates the look of well-worn and weathered wood plank floor. Style seeks inspiration from the patinated floors of venerable structures located in historical cities, including Boston, Amsterdam, Florence and Paris. Style is available in four colors, named after the cities above, in a large 8” x 48” plank.

Sant’agostino’s Royal evokes the pageantry of parquet flooring

Royal evokes the pageantry of traditional parquet flooring found in European castles and ancient villas. Faithfully reproducing the look of these aged woods with digital technology, there is a subtle sheen reminiscent of floors that have been hand-rubbed oil wax effect.  There are two colorways Sand and Nut with two decos that combine Sand and Nut in reversed patterns. This unique series is available in 30”x30” format.

Rug Home from Fondovalle

Rug Home weaves a delicate texture inspired by fabric to create a unique and elegant surface treatment. This extremely versatile and contemporary through body porcelain is as comfortable at the office as it is at home. It is perfect for both vertical exterior applications and all interior surfaces.

Rug Home is available in four enticing colors with a natural matte finish, including Ecru, Polar, Shark and Steel in a large 16″ x 32″ format. Transform your space into a comfortable and chic environment with Rug Home from Fondovalle.

Castello by Faro

Castello resembles the look of natural stone flooring found in ancient castles throughout the world. With an aged, rustic appearance in a centuries-old hexagon pattern, it is the perfect complement to make your home a castle.

Castello by Faro is a 13″x13″ glazed digital porcelain floor tile that is in stock in our Plymouth warehouse in five colors with coordinating bullnose. The color palette includes Almond, Beige, Cotto, Grigio and Petrolio.